Entry #2

High 5 Toons

2011-08-24 12:04:46 by MeaneyProductions

Me and Sam (coughing-dog) have started up a youtube called High 5 Toons.. go check it out and subscribe!

High 5 Toons on YouTube


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2011-08-25 18:05:47

good luck with all your youpubes and shit. i know kids over there are quite some cocks when its about animation like even worse than the kids you will find on NG. i like the fact that NG isnt total butthurt about a lot of explicit content - its just a lot of users that are kind of retarded while on youtube you get a retarded page with retarded users. but then on the other hand its the biggest video site and you can easily embed your youtube videos everywhere, tweet them, blog them, twatter them and ifag fags can watch them as well since it isnt flash so thats the advantage. basically what im saying is youtube will delete content like the adventures that occur in a gay man's anus because they are pussies like that and lack a certain amount of luls.
anyways good luck with that. as long as you still post on NG.


2012-02-03 02:09:09

Please upload the moisture care lady song! XD


2012-07-18 14:10:31

Your music is great! I specially liked it from Pikachu on acid and the pink elephant. Great animation and your touch is great. You will gain a lot of fans thanks to that :)